it's no secret you have an intense passion for what you do, putting every ounce of effort into your business, on your terms—all fueled by your grit and grind. 

Those countless hours poured into the backstage of your business-from refining your offers to perfecting your systems and embracing what it’s like to be an entrepreneur - you’re absolutely killing it.

Yet, the challenge of crafting a brand and website that expresses who you are at the heart of your business and draws in your dream clients-that's where the stress comes in.

You don't have to wrestle with this alone anymore. You'd probably prefer to spend your spare time watching your favorite series for the umpteenth time (pretty sure I've seen How I Met Your Mother more times than I can count) or tbh, doing anything else that doesn't feel like your rotting in front of your computer screen. 

I'll take the stress off your shoulders and transform your brand into something iconic, so you don't have to.

You deserve to have a brand you're proud of, because it screams you and no one else. That boring same-style design everyone in your industry is using, you probably know one of them, *ahem*, beige brands - I'm calling you out. 

I don't believe in one specific design style, you march to the beat of your own drum, so your brand should too - and you'll get me hyping you up every step of the way.

and, unlike your makeup, you won't be washing
it off to start over again the next day.

I'm really damn good at
making sure your brand
will be
long-lasting and
grow with you.

I'm really damn good at
making sure your brand
will be
long-lasting and
grow with you.

There were early signs I would pursue a path in design - if you count being an only child sitting in my bedroom drawing dragons and Laura Croft from Tomb Raider (which can tell you at least two things about me - I clearly love fantasy and wanted to be a badass).

Eventually I swapped the pencil and paper for the Paint app. But, before I age myself too much (with dial-up and an AOL away message with several fonts), let's move on.

I was always the one staying up way too late coding my Myspace and LiveJournal pages before promoting myself to Dreamweaver (the OG, from-scratch, website builder). If you at least remember Myspace - you know exactly what I mean, and my profile was bomb, I bet yours was too.

Yet somehow, I ended up in corporate and project management positions for twelve years - ones where I never got to design anything, my roles were strictly in sales and managing teams. It probably doesn’t come as a surprise that I became sick of it - wasting away my time making money for someone else (ew), and feeling like I'll never get to be creative again.

So, I went from, "I hate my fucking job" to "I'll never do anything else but this". I wasn't going to spend another minute letting my passion for design (and Bachelor's Degree in Graphic Design) go to waste.

For the past four years, I've been able to dedicate my time to what I love most, building my own business that supports the life I want to be living. And you can be damn sure I want to help you do that too.  

hi, I'm katie

about the designer

here's where you can always find me


About a half hour from Boston, MA living in (and renovating) my childhood home, I inherited it. My husband and I are slowly but surely making it our own - secretly an interior designer too.

Drinking Disaronno, neat or no thank you - but I’m also a super spicy chick, so I’ll craft spicy margs with too many jalapeño slices and forget to wash my hands (yeah, my eyes don’t thank me).

Listening to 2000s emo, pop punk, rock, while also being a metalhead, (my husband thinks I’m really cool - in high school he burned CDs of all the music I listened to just so I would think he was cool too).

Blocking out the real world and reading my next romantasy series (the Casteel to my Poppy or Rhys to my Feyre vibes, IYKYK).

Having conversations with my breakfast club - if you know me, these are my cats: Bacon (sadly, he left us in March 2024 - but I’ll never stop talking about him), Eggs and Ham.

Spending all my summers in Wells, Maine - I’ve walked a lifetime here, well if you can count me flapping my arms as a baby in the tide pools.

here's where you
can always find me

Plus everything about your business to create a brand and website that truly reflects exactly who you are to your ideal clients.

It will be like two besties getting together for happy hour (except our time together will be just a bit longer than that *wink*). 

now that you know
more about me, I want
to know more about you. 

let's work together