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Hello, I'm Katie - founder of Rose and Wells Creative. A brand and web design studio focused on creating visuals and digital homes for fearless entrepreneurs.

With a deep passion for creativity and design, we never cut a brand from the same pattern. This studio creates authentic brands for female-led business owners with a driving force of purpose and intention, backed by strategy.

Truth be told, we are not all woven from the same cloth, so my mission is to help you infuse your authentic self into your brand

I'm Katie, Brand + Web Designer, Corporate Dropout, Introverted Extrovert, Wife, + Cat Mom

Because, let's be real, you don't want to feel stuck in a vibe that is outdated and doesn't quite fit who you are becoming. Being the real you is your power, especially when you're building a business from a deep passion, and that fuels my creative fire.

So naturally, creating brand identities that live at the heart of authenticity is why Rose and Wells Creative exists.

Before stepping into business ownership, I spent a lot of time working in the retail corporate industry, 12 years to be exact. In that time, I was managing and shaping several teams inside million-dollar print and marketing centers that aim to help small to large scale businesses with marketing and promotional materials. I left that 7-5 M-F life (yes you read that right) to finally focus on what I couldn't in that role, actually designing and igniting the creative side of my mind.

If you learn anything here, let this be it, you are capable of creating the freedom to live the life you want by doing what you love. And I want to be a part of that chapter that takes you from one path to the other. Together we'll create brand identities and online spaces through foundational strategy and intentional design that are the right-fit for your ideal audience.

"If you learn anything here, let this be it, you are capable of creating the freedom to live the life you want by doing what you love."

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Things I Love

grey's anatomy

my cats: bacon, eggs & ham

dill pickles

rock + metal music

red wine + mead



what makes us different?

At Rose + Wells Creative, your passion for your business fuels our creative fire. We believe in packing a punch of authenticity and strategic intention to design brands that are an extension of you and what shapes your business. Your brand won't just look the part, it will be woven from the original fabric, you and everything you stand for. 

Your business stems from a story and a deep passion for what you do. We want to be a part of it, and we want to take your vision and bring it into reality so you can have a killer brand and website that attracts your people into your space.  

Our Approach





Being a business owner can be both exhilarating yet terrifying at the same. We're here to ensure you feel strong, confident, and aligned in the vision for your brand. It's time to start combating any disbeliefs because you've got this, you're in charge. The world needs your impact, so let's step into those CEO heels.





How we design is influenced by everything you're looking to share with your ideal audience. By looking for strategic ways to visualize your brand, we make intentional design decisions that have meaning and purpose. 





Supporting like-minded women on their business journey is important to us. We love sharing stories with our clients to really open up the conversation and build long lasting relationships.

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